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The Jean Carr Trust

What we do

The Trust has been established in order to assist in the provision of holiday accommodation and/travel to a destination for older persons who have the need by reason of their age, infirmity or disablement, social or economic circumstances. This is done by way of a financial grant once the applicant has selected their choice of holiday. Please note that the Trust is unable to actually provide the holiday, make the booking arrangements or provide a carer to accompany the applicant on holiday, those details are left to the applicant.


The Trust is dedicated to helping people over sixty to enjoy a holiday in this country or abroad which can range from a hotel stay, a rest or perhaps travel expenses to visit friends or relatives. At least one overnight stay must be taken in order to qualify for a grant.


In appropriate circumstances a spouse, partner or carer could be included. Each case is considered on individual merit and all grants are at the Trustees discretion.


Applicants may be supported by Doctors, community nurses, clergy, JPs, AgeUK, Citizens Advice or other professionals who should sign the application form.


Applicants must be sixty years of age or older, be current residents of West Sussex and be on an income of less than £18,000 per year or on benefit. Applicants who re-apply should normally allow twelve months between applications. In these circumstances the Trust will do all it can to help but priority will be given to new applicants.

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